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Our courses mirror language courses at the university level.

Louvre Paris
Louvre, Paris
My Language Requirement delivers academically sound courses with experienced and dedicated faculty. We enhance your ability to learn your chosen language by providing state-of-the-art software with your tuition at no extra charge. We support your learning and eliminate stress about grades, grade point averages, course availability and scheduling.

Our courses prepare you for the language proficiency test at your college or university. You can place out of elementary language courses with a high score on a standardized test.

Gedaechtniskirche Berlin KarnevalGedaechtniskirche Berlin
Save your credit hours for more advanced courses or for courses in your major. You may even be able to place out of the language requirement entirely.

If you are learning English, please click here.

The cornerstone of our courses is the Tell Me More program. This software is used in online and on-campus courses at many colleges and universities, such as the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, St. John's University, Brigham Young University.

There is no extra charge to log in to Tell Me More ...

... your access license is included with your tuition!

Dancers in Concepción, Chile
Dance troupe, Concepción, Chile
In addition to an abundance of resources with something for every learning style, My Language Requirement supports your progress with an experienced and caring instructor. Your teacher supervises your work with Tell Me More, maintains contact at least once weekly and answers your questions by e-mail. For extra help, you can schedule one-on-one tutoring through Skype.

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Language Courses

English for Speakers of Other Languages

French - Français

German - Deutsch

Italian - Italiano

Spanish - Español

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