Certificate of Course Registration

Completing each of our courses requires that you

In order to receive the Certificate of Course Completion, you must complete at least 60% of each of the above requirements and take the Language Achievement Test during the last week of your term.

Otherwise, your instructor will prepare a Certificate of Course Registration at the end of your term. This Certificate displays the language and level for which you registered and the number of hours you practiced with TMM.

Term Extension

If you prefer to complete your assignments but need extra time, you may extend your term. There is a one-week grace period at the end of each term. After the extra week, you may choose either to receive the Certificate of Registration or to register for a term extension.

For more information about term extensions, please click here.

Other Options

There is a one-week "grace period" at the end of each term, just in case you need a little extra time to complete the course assignments.

Certificate of Course Completion

Term Extension