Course Types

Our courses are based on the language programs entitled "All Skills." Each course develops skills in reading and writing, speaking and listening. You can add extra lessons concentrating on any of these skills to your learning program if you wish.

Develop your writing ability with structured exercises in a Standard Course. To write with even greater confidence and fluency, take a Writing-Intensive Course. Writing-Intensive Courses are especially good for students planning to take advanced courses in the target language.

Standard Course

The Standard Course includes full access to Tell Me More, plus (at least) weekly e-mail exchanges with your My Language Requirement instructor. Your My Language Requirement instructor supervises your progress through your lessons and suggests additional learning resources if needed. Your instructor is always available through e-mail if you have any questions or problems. If you wish, schedule appointments with your instructor for tutoring through Skype. At the end of your term, your instructor prepares and signs your Certificate of Course Completion. If you wish, your teacher also writes your Instructor Evaluation.

Writing-Intensive Course

The Writing-Intensive Course includes all the above services. In addition, in a Writing Intensive Course, you create two writing projects with the support of your instructor.

The writing project may be as simple as a short essay or as complex as a web page or research presentation. The second project should be longer and more ambitious in scope than the first project. Your teacher will be happy to discuss ideas and possibilities for your projects with you.

Due Dates for Writing Courses

Click here for the recommended due dates in a trimester (10-week) and semester (15-week) term. Please click here for the recommended target dates for a 5-week intensive term.

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