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My Language Requirement provides online language courses in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish to develop skills in reading and writing, speaking and listening. Our college-level language courses feature dedicated faculty with years of university teaching experience, both in the classroom and online. Learning is easy and natural with our state-of-the-art language-learning program that includes speech-recognition software. We offer language-learning resources for all types of learners.

Prepare for your Language Proficiency Test or Language Placement Test

Paul and JamieLearning online does not mean you're on your own!

Our goal is to help you meet language requirements for enrollment or graduation. To meet this goal, we prepare you for the language proficiency test at your college or university. With our courses, you can also prepare for an English language proficiency exam (for example, the TOEFL® Test).

Our Promise

My Language Requirement helps you succeed in learning your chosen language. Your language learning is enhanced with no stress about grades or grade point averages. An experienced and caring instructor guides you through structured lesson plans. Assessments provide accurate feedback on your progress. Each of our courses advances you one full level in your language proficiency. And it all costs far less than comparable for-credit courses on campus.

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