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My Language Requirement instructors have years of university experience, both in the classroom and teaching online courses with Tell Me More. If you have questions or problems, your My Language Requirement instructor is always available by email to provide answers and guidance through your program.

Your instructor contacts you upon registration to confirm your program choices. He or she will provide your Tell Me More username and password and enrollment instructions. Your instructor monitors your work and provides weekly progress reports to keep you on-track for completion of your program.

German class with Frau Campitelli, Summer 2011
Frau Campitelli with students, summer 2011

Your instructor is also always available by e-mail. For even more support, make an appointment for a tutoring session through Skype. Upon completion of your program, your instructor prepares your Certificate of Course Completion. If you wish, your instructor also prepares the Instructor Evaluation at the end of your course of study.

With the support of your My Language Requirement instructor, you will learn your target language and - with no stress about a grade - you will even enjoy it!

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