Quizzes and Exams

Congratulations on working through your introductory lesson! Continue learning by working with quizzes and a lesson exam. Take the quizzes and the exam until you "beat them": that is, until you score 100%. They are designed as tools to help you learn and are meant to be taken repeatedly.

In order to take the quizzes and exam, you will enroll in the My Language Requirement Moodle Introduction to Beginning German I course. There is no charge for registration in this sample course, but you will need to enter a registration key.

The goal of the sample lesson is to help you learn to pronounce the vowels in German. So the registration key for the sample lesson is the phrase "learn German vowels" - without spaces between the words.

Log in to the Moodle and type in those three words (with a capital "G") and no spaces when you are asked for your registration key. Enjoy working with these resources!

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