Students learning English in preparation for study at an American or Canadian university

If you need to demonstrate proficiency in English, My Language Requirement provides you with the means to practice your speaking and listening skills intensively and in privacy. The speech-recognition software in Tell Me More rates your speech with a voice print and a scoring scale. You will find yourself practicing difficult words over and over until you top the scale! You can practice individual words, sentences and entire dialogues. You receive instant feedback on your pronunciation. It's a level of coaching in pronunciation that is not available in normal conversation with native speakers.

Courses also include plentiful resources for increasing vocabulary and improving grammar, including cultural and geographical information. Exchanging e-mails with your My Language Requirement teacher provides extra writing and reading practice. For even more practice, you can register for a Writing-Intensive Course.

Your instructor responds to your questions, assists you and guides you throughout your program. You can also schedule tutoring sessions for extra help.

Click here to read more about how we can help you learn to speak English fluently and pass your English language test.

Whatever your language learning needs, we at My Language Requirement can work with you to meet your educational goals.

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