Language Lessons for All Learners

Our language lessons are based on the practical scenes of every day life, in your choice of general situations or professional situations. They are ideal for anyone who wants to learn a new language. Our courses are perfect to improve your language skills and polish your accent. Our speech-recognition software encourages you to practice pronunciation until you can speak your new language with confidence.

Learn a Different Language Online

Lesson dialogues focus on practical themes. You can concentrate on specific areas like speaking and listening, or on specific themes like arranging trips, negotiating prices or expressing opinions.

Speak a Foreign Language with Confidence

Your accent will improve dramatically with the support of the speech-recognition software used in our lessons. You will speak with new confidence in your pronunciation. Because you learn them in context, you more easily find the words you need to express yourself in a variety of situations.

A Real Teacher to Help You Learn

Our courses are ideal for making a real improvement in your language skills. You not only enjoy the benefits of the Tell Me More software with your tuition, but your MLR course instructor supports you in making progress towards your goals.

Examine our course descriptions and begin today to gain more confidence and to increase your career possibilities by improving your language skills. Register for a language course online or contact us to arrange a special course to address your specific learning needs.

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