Tell Me More

The Tell Me More program provides a wealth of learning resources featuring language-recognition software. Tell Me More will have you speaking your language and honing your listening skills from the start. Tell Me More also includes grammar and vocabulary activities as well as cultural information.

Here's what a student who is learning German with Tell Me More has to say about it:

"TMM is very helpful for an online German class. I've used it before and it really gets you involved with speaking and using German with games and such. I really enjoy the crossword puzzles even though they are kind of difficult. I feel that TMM gives you a chance to interact with the words opposed to a classroom setting because most students don't really like to speak up in front of their peers. This is a fun and personal way to learn German."

TMM Features

Tell Me More pioneered the development of language-recognition software for second-language acquisition. With Tell Me More you can practice individual words or entire dialogues and get instant feedback on your pronunciation.

For more convenience and choice, you can even change the interface language of your program. Change the language of your program interface to your target language, your native language or any of dozens of other choices.

Your My Language Requirement instructor is always ready to help you when you have a question, to support you in setting up your program and with exploring additional features.

Click here to read the technical requirements for using the software.

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TMM Included

There are no extra charges for your Tell Me More license! The cost of your TMM access is included in our My Language Requirement fees.