Your My Language Requirement instructor is always available by e-mail. Your instructor contacts you every week to ask for your reflections on your lesson and to give you a progess report. In addition, your instructor answers your questions if you need extra help.

For even more support, you can make an appointment with your instructor for a tutoring session. Tutoring takes place through Skype.

Jenn at the computerJenn writes a webpage
for German-speaking visiting students about local dance clubs.

You may find that one or two tutoring sessions are enough. Or you may know you want the motivation of a regular tutoring appointment to keep you on-track to complete your course. Choose the option that best fits your needs, from single sessions to multi-session packages.

Schedule your tutoring session

Tutoring sessions are available Monday - Friday, in morning, afternoon and evening time blocks (no evening block on Friday).

Your conversation with your instructor will last 30 minutes.

Tutoring packages are valid for the duration of your term. If you choose a package, be sure to schedule your subsequent appointments with your teacher at your first session in order to make best use of this resource.

Tutoring sessions are by appointment only.

Tutoring Fees

Please click here to schedule your tutoring session. Indicate the times that are best for you. Your teacher will schedule your session as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing My Language Requirement to help you achieve your language-learning goals!

Personal Attention

Tutoring sessions are one-on-one with your instructor.

Each session lasts thirty minutes.

Click here to schedule a tutoring session.