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Welcome to this introductory lesson! Let's begin at the beginning, with our ABCs. This is a good way to start, because German spelling is phonetic. That means it's possible to "sound out" a new word if you know your letters. When you can pronounce a new word, it's much easier to learn it and to remember it.

Learning the names of some animals will support learning how to pronounce the vowels. The lesson will also introduce some other features of the German language.

This lesson uses MP3 files to demonstrate pronunciation. You learn a little information and then you have a chance to practice with it to help it "stick" in your memory. The activities also "sneak in" extra information about German. You might not even be aware that you are learning so much! Quizzes spur you to practice with your new knowledge and to observe additional features of German. The lesson exam is designed to expand your skill level even as it measures your progress.

In this lesson you will:

First: Listen to the vowels. Click the link below.


You probably noticed that the letter "a" in German is pronounced "ah" (rhymes with "spa"). The letter that rhymes with "May" in German is not "a" but "e." The letter that rhymes with "sea" or "bee" is not "e" in German, but rather "i." These animals (diese Tiere) can help you remember how to pronounce "a" "e" and "i" in German.


Click on the picture to hear the word pronounced.


der Affe

der Affe


der Esel

der Esel


der Igel

der Igel


Activity 1
Purpose: Link the sound of the animal's name with the initial vowel to help remember the name of that vowel in German.

Activity 2 Click on the picture and listen to the German word for that animal. Then choose the first letter of the animal's name.

Activity 3 Click on the number and listen to the letter. Then choose the picture with the animal whose name begins with that letter.

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Introduction German Vowels

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