Begin your MLR Language Course


Personalized Course Calendar

Please click here and read this page before you begin, to make sure your equipment meets the technical requirements for using the software.

When you register, your MLR teacher prepares a Plan for Course Completion, a personalized course calendar with target dates for completion of each lesson. This plan distributes the lessons and assignments evenly through your chosen term. These target dates are your personal due dates. Although there are, of course, no grade penalties for not completing assignments on time, the natural consequence is that you will not benefit as much from your course as you could. Use the Plan for Course Completion as a guide through your assignments to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself in the course.

Along with your Plan for Course Completion, your teacher sends your Tell Me More user name and password. Now you can enroll in your class and begin to make progress towards your language-learning goals. Continue with the links below for more information on starting your course.