Names and Shapes of Countries
Heads of State
Vocabulary: La Casa

Memory: Country Names and Maps

CanadaThis game uses pairs of maps with and without labels to sharpen your memory and concenteration skills. You can learn the shapes of some countries where English, French, German, Italian and Spanish are spoken as well as learn the names of those countries in each of these languages!

FrancePlay the game in French.

Germany Play the game in German.

USAPlay the game in English.

MexicoPlay the game in Spanish.

ItalyPlay the game in Italian.


Heads of State

Do you know who's in charge around the world? Meet the leaders of some of the countries where English, French, German, Italian and Spanish are spoken. You will also know the title of each world leader and when he or she assumed office.

Meet Your Heads of State

A Matching Game - Match the photo with the name and title of the head of state.

A Crossword Puzzle - So you think you know your world leaders? See what you can remember from the Matching Game and fill in this crossword puzzle with the names of heads of state.


La Casa

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UKThese games are a fun way to expose yourself to important information about the world we live in. An informed citizenry is vital to the functioning of democratic forms of government.

SpainWe hope you find these games an enjoyable way of learning about some of the countries where the languages we teach are commonly spoken.

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