My Language Requirement is an organization of experienced university instructors who offer you an appealing, effective and economical alternative to traditional campus classes to meet your language-learning needs.

My Language Requirement courses prepare you for proficiency or placement testing at your college or university.


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When your term is completed, your My Language Requirement instructor prepares and signs your Certificate of Course Completion.

At your request, your teacher will also prepare an Instructor Evaluation at the end of your term.

If you want more support, you can sign up for tutoring appointments.

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Language Courses

English for Speakers of Other Languages

French - Français

German - Deutsch

Italian - Italiano

Spanish - Español

We offer courses for anyone interested in learning a language we have available: business professionals, singers and travellers, for example.

For students learning for a foreign-language placement test or an English-language proficiency test, our courses are epecially helpful. Not only the learning activities but also the assessments provide you with excellent preparation for your test.