Helpful Feedback instead of Grading

Although easy and enjoyable for some of us, for others learning a language is hard work and stressful. In most colleges, the stress is multiplied by time pressure and concerns about grades.

We offer an alternative.

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My Language Requirement delivers the same high standards, quality content and dedicated teaching as in a university online language course - but with no grade pressure. Instead, our assessment program provides helpful, thorough and informative feedback so learners always know their current level of proficiency.

We believe in your desire to learn and in empowering you as a learner. Our assessment tools are based on internationally-recognized standards for proficiency. They provide you with accurate information about your current skill level. This information functions as feedback - not as a course grade.

With My Language Requirement learners always know exactly where they stand, but without grade anxiety.

And less anxiety means more effective learning.

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