Tuition and Fees

Our courses mirror language courses at the university level. The cornerstone of each course is the online Tell Me More program. This is exactly the same software used in many colleges and universities, such as the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, St. John's University, Brigham Young University and many more.

There is no extra charge for your Tell Me More license.
Your program access is included with your course tuition!

Payment of Tuition

Chile = desde la ventana del treno
From the window of the train - Chile

Tuition is payable upon registration. Your instructor will contact you to confirm your registration details. Prior to the beginning of your term, your teacher will e-mail your Tell Me More username, password and enrollment instructions. On the first Monday of the month after you register, you will enroll in TMM and officially begin your course!

Your payment is handled through Paypal so you can be assured that your transaction is secure and your financial information is handled safely. You do not need a Paypal account to use this service.

Tuition Charges

Tuition includes access to Tell Me More for the duration of your term.

Course length
Writing - Intensive
15 week Semester
10 week Trimester
5 week Intensive Course

Click here for more information about Standard and Writing-Intensive Courses.

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Save hundreds of dollars on your education!

Taking your language sequence with us means saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on tuition, fees, books and commuting. There is nothing extra to buy: no books or supplies, no membership fees. Your tuition covers all the costs of your course.

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